Cat food

Basic medium and premium catfood

While developping our food, we have of course studied very well the behaviour of cats. Jonker Petfood has the appropriate food for every type of cat: for active cats, as well as for indoor cats.

We produce junior, senior and adult varieties of catfood for cats in every stage of life. Also we have light chunks for cats with overweight and chunks without cereals for sensitive cats. But Jonker Petfood has also food with special feed additives to achieve an optimum condition. So you can always offer your client, the appropriate assortment in basic, medium and premium catfood.

Jonker Petfood is completely organized to produce private label products. We assist our clients to develop their brand and we also provide custom-made logistic services. Your choice for Jonker Petfood is therefore not only depending on the quality of our food, but also on the way in which we comply to your business objectives.

Do you have questions regarding private label products? Please contact our sales department.

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