Extension warehousing capacity
Jonker Petfood has purchased on 22 February 2018 5.000 m2 of forwarding warehouse with 5 loading docks. Next to the already forecasted investment in the construction of a logistic warehouse of 5.000 m2, we decided to generate additional warehousing capacity. This has resulted in the purchase of a warehouse at Zijlweg in Waalwijk (see picture). Jonker Petfood generates with this purchase 5.000 additional pallet places. The construction of the new warehouse at our premises at Spuiweg will generate another additional 10.000 pallet places, which means that Jonker Petfood can offer significantly more warehousing capacity. This all results from the demand for “one stop loading” for branded products from Waalwijk to third-countries. This service will also be offered now from Jonker Petfood to its private label clients.

First pile for new building at Spuiweg
Meanwhile the first of 600 piles has sunk into the bottom on Thursday 5 July by Mrs. Ans Jonker assisted by the general management of Jonker Petfood B.V. Here below you will find a picture of this, as well as of the building site of 5.000 m2. The new expedition hall will be 20 meters high.

The delivery is expected for spring 2019.