Construction raw material silos
At this moment the finishing touch will be made to the extension of our raw material silos. With this extension the storage capacity will increase with 4 x 75 tons and the other (smaller) silos can thus be used in a more flexible way for new raw materials. This has become necessary, because of the continuous increase of our assortment.

Extension packing lines
Recently 2 additional multifunctional packing lines for retail packagings have been installed at our packaging department. With this big investment, Jonker Petfood is able to close even more divers packagings (pouches, single lip) perfectly. Together with the existing range of packing lines, we can pack now, after this extension, (almost) all packagings between 40 grams and 20 kg. Also the possibility of packaging under CO2/nitrogen will be possible to guarantee optimum freshness of the products.

Industry associaton NVG / animal certificate
Responsible pet ownership starts with correct knowledge about pets and their needs. The industry association NVG, of which Jonker Petfood is a member, supports warmly all initiatives regarding education about pets and pet ownership. Especially NVG supports the “animal certificate”, which is an initiative of foundation “Met Dieren meer Mens”. The animal certificate is a specially developped teaching method for children of the last years of elementary school. Please have a look at link

Villa Pardoes

Jonker Petfood decided to sponsor “Villa Pardoes” for a period of 5 years. Villa Pardoes is a foundation who will take care of an incredible holiday for children. Children who live their daily lives with a serious, potentially life-threatening illness. Not thinking about their illness for a week. Villa Pardoes, where you forget everything…!
Jonker Petfood also sponsors “Walk-in house” Toon in Waalwijk. This is a house for that is open for everybody in the Waalwijk region, who are confronted with the terrible disease cancer.